Our Values

The whole point of having a conference in the first place is to trigger some kind of change.

— Jeremy Keith

We want the events we work with to be carriers of change, not just mere exercises of knowledge sharing with a boozy party fringe.

We believe that we have the power to represent the change we want to see and we ask to everyone who wants to partner with us, to follow us in this journey.

We are working on RedThreads design principles, but we want to share with you what guided us thus far.

Epic Ethics Ethnic Pathos

The cornerstones on which From the Front was built upon came from the album title recorded by a famous 80s Italian punk band:

  • Ethics is a major driver for us: we try to keep an eye on our values in any decision or step we take.
  • Ethnic is the centre of our activities, in a broad sense: we are committed to enable diversity representation and interaction. We believe we have a responsibility to change the current landscape and create a more inclusive environment. Diversity is a strength.
  • Epic, because the content of the conference has to be epic: it has to stand out and be memorable, bringing value to everyone involved.
  • Pathos, as in emotions: they are major triggers and great learning enablers; the setting, the venue, keynote speakers: every choice is driven by the final goal of enabling a deeper learn experience.