RedThreads is our way to give back, enabling conference organisers to establish a transparent and welcoming environment at their events.

What we offer

Through a network of professionals we partnered with, we offer a framework to deal with every aspect of an event. Including but not exclusive to: budgeting, accounting, a legal entity to deal with contracts, invoices and business risks, ticketing, call for paper, setting up and enforce a Code of Conduct – involving a third party independent comittee, communication schedule...

Where's the catch? We ask for a fee on the ticket price, to cover for the admin costs and we ask conference organisers to adhere to our core values and commit to run their events keeping them at heart.


Marco Cedaro
Marco Cedaro London
Engineering Manager @ Photobox
Rocco Curcio
Rocco Curcio Berlin
Front-end Brigand @ Blacklane


Erika Saadi
Erika Saadi Stockholm
Software Engineer @ Klarna
Cathy Wang
Cathy Wang London
Founder @ Caino